Laura Prisc

Laura Prisc has a burning desire to help others grow and she firmly believes the place to start is with self-awareness and intentionality.

“When you truly know yourself – your strengths, blind spots, styles, preferences, and how others experience you – you have choices,” she explains. “Self-awareness allows us to be intentional in our words, actions and decision-making, so we can move forward thoughtfully, with a higher likelihood of getting what we want out of life and work.”

Through her coaching, teaching, and speaking, Laura helps individuals, entrepreneurs, teams, and organizations discover themselves, identify what holds meaning in their lives, and raise the level of their performance. She facilitates a journey through her Inquiry, Discovery, and Mastery ™ process, bringing greater self-awareness and increased clarity around dreams and goals. The result for her clients is the ability to be more intentional in their words, actions, and decision-making, creating long lasting change in their lives, leading to greater success in achieving their desired outcomes.

Raised in an alcoholic single-parent home, the youngest of three girls, and the only person in her family to obtain a college education, Laura learned to handle great responsibility at a very early age, growing into an independent, self-sufficient, over achiever.

In fact, she eventually – falsely – came to believe she was responsible for fixing everything for everyone around her! Following a life-changing leadership training experience in 2002, Laura finally realized it was not only not her responsibility to “fix it” for everyone else, but that she was actually denying them the opportunity to grow, learn, and become the very best version of themselves possible.

Laura has been on a life-long journey to discover her purpose and what matters most. Speaking in her authentic voice, she shares what she’s learned along the way and has become a catalyst for growth in the lives of others locally, nationally, and internationally, enabling them to become more competent and confident citizens, communicators, and leaders.

She is committed to helping others discover their purpose, define their dreams, and create the lives they long for thru reflection, focused thinking, and intentional action. The author of The “What Matters Most” Manifesto; certified Coach, Teacher, and Speaker thru both the John Maxwell and Deeper Path Teams; Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach and Gallup-Trained Entrepreneurial Strengths Coach, Laura is well equipped to accompany you on your self-discovery journey. Prior to her work in personal development, Laura worked as a professional communicator in a variety of industries for nearly 25 years. She and her family live in West Virginia.

It was that 'A-HA' moment I needed. Sometimes even really bright, motivated people benefit from an outside voice and an encouraging kick in the pants. Laura will give you both, in a constructive, but very intentional way!

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