Congratulations on taking a step toward making a positive change in your life!  I have created a space where a group of strong, powerful, accomplished, bright, talented and driven women can come together to learn and grow, and encourage and strengthen ourselves and each other. 

The Inquiry, Discovery, MasteryTM Women’s Inner Circle is an intimate group of women who have decided to navigate their journey through life on their own terms. We share our successes and failures and support each other in both the joys and sorrows of life.

Since we are such an open and honest group, we are very selective about who is invited to join this sisterhood.  This group is exclusive and entry is offered to only those women who are willing to explore their true potential and are dedicated to personal and professional growth.

We have created a safe space for women to share their most personal stories.  For that reason, membership is offered to new women after a brief application process, to confirm our members are committed to our purpose of supporting and growing with each other through discussion and networking.

The Women’s Inner Circle is a one year process, through which 4 months will be spent on each of the key areas – Inquiry, Discovery and Mastery.  Inquiry will focus on beginning the self-awareness excavation process by asking the questions that require us to dig deep into values, beliefs, desires, fears and insecurities.  Discovery will focus on deepening our self-awareness and using what we learned during Inquiry to begin to think more about what we desire to create in or lives.  Mastery will focus on putting what we’ve learned into consistent practice and becoming more intentional about using our time and life energy to bring our desired future into reality.

We are here to build each other up as individuals with infinite potential and the power to change and better ourselves.  If you are not ready to fulfill your potential, or have no desire to be a part of an interactive community of extraordinary women, then please do not continue.  If investing your money on the superficial, shallow stuff in an attempt to make yourself feel whole is your priority, this Inner Circle is truly not for you.

However, if you are ready to make a change in your life that moves you to become the woman you truly desire to be, please click below to fill out the the Women’s Inner Circle application.

Women’s Inner Circle Application

Included in the Inquiry, Discovery, MasteryTM Women’s Inner Circle

  • Exclusive, intimate networking – support circle with other accomplished women
  • In-depth self-discovery tool
  • One 90-minute live Coaching/Mentoring call* per month
  • One 60-minute recorded lesson per month with corresponding worksheet and enrichment activity, leading you from Inquiry, through Discovery to Mastery of select self-growth areas
  • Copy of the What Matters Most e-book
  • Exposure to thought-provoking, life-changing thinking and lessons
  • Exclusive, closed Facebook group for real-time discussion and idea exchange
  • Early access and 15% discount for future workshops, studies, and other experiences…
  • Referral credit of 25% discount on your next month’s fee when you refer a new member who joins and participates for 3 months
  • Annual live event with an extended Women’s Retreat
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed or your money back!
*All calls recorded for easy playback.

I can’t tell you how many women I’ve met who claim they long to change their lives, to become transformed, to know themselves more deeply, and to create a life they desire…but when it came time to invest in themselves, they stopped short. You know why? Because investing in themselves would require them to make changes in what they spent on other things…like buying designer handbags, having their nails done, or dining out with girlfriends.

I know those things are fun and feel good, at least in the moment. But I challenge you to ask yourself: Do they truly change the way you feel about yourself at your very core? Or do you wake up the next morning with a great manicure, but still plagued with those fears, doubts, and insecurities you’ve been carrying around for years?

If you ask any of the members of the circle if their membership is worth the dedication and price, they all agree it is.  When you become part of the Women’s Inner Circle, you are welcomed into a community of strong and intelligent women who want to see you succeed!

My experience has been enlightening, and I have cultivated a new awareness of my abilities and limitations and seen opportunities arise from this relationship. This group has given me the conviction to take risks and reap both financial and social benefits from my newfound confidence.

Taralyn D'Eramo Founder & Marketing Consultant Type Dream Communications, LLC

The group setting is beneficial because you can learn even when Laura is coaching others in the group. Laura's lessons and facilitation of the group has been dynamic, professional and beneficial.

Rachelle Beckner, CFRE Director of Development for College of Architecture, Art and Humanities Clemson University

It was that 'A-HA' moment I needed. Sometimes even really bright, motivated people benefit from an outside voice and an encouraging kick in the pants. Laura will give you both, in a constructive, but very intentional way!

Kara Rogers McKinley Carter Wealth Services

Women’s Inner Circle Application

Inquiry, Discovery, MasteryTM Women’s Inner Circle pricing is affordable and convenient to pay online.  My Satisfaction Guaranteed pricing plans* are listed below:

  • $89 monthly payment
  • $414 bi-annual payment ($240 yearly savings!)
  • $588 full year payment (a great deal with $480 yearly savings!)

*Applicable sales tax will be added to whichever payment option you choose.

If you’re ready to join my Women’s Inner Circle, please click the button below and fill out your application today!

Women’s Inner Circle Application

About the Author

Laura PriscLaura Prisc has a burning desire to help others grow and she firmly believes the place to start is with self-awareness and intentionality. Through her coaching, teaching, and speaking Laura helps individuals, teams, entrepreneurs, and organizations discover themselves, identify what holds meaning in their lives, and raise the level of their performance.

She is committed to helping others discover their purpose, define their dreams, and create the lives they long for thru reflection, focused thinking, and intentional action.

The author of The “What Matters Most” Manifesto; certified Coach, Teacher, and Speaker thru both the John Maxwell and Deeper Path Teams; Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach and Gallup-Trained Entrepreneurial Strengths Coach, Laura is well equipped to accompany you on your self-discovery journey. Prior to her work in personal development, Laura worked as a professional communicator in a variety of industries for nearly 25 years. She and her family live in West Virginia.