"You, too, can enjoy what successful, confident women who are growing into their potential have learned..."

Have you allowed insecurity, fear, and doubt to keep you from doing the things you really want in your life?

Meet Kristi, by outward appearances competent, bold, and striding confidently into her future with plans for even greater success.

We see her and wonder what she knows that we don’t know; what secret she understands that we aren’t privy to; what key she discovered that unlocked the doors that seem to keep the rest of us stuck.

All the while longing for more in our lives, in all areas of our lives.

I’ve been Kristi.  After I discovered the key, I worked with Kristi and shared it with her, and many others after her.

I’m ready to share it with you, as well, but there’s a catch.  You have to be willing to bet on and invest in yourself and proactively participate in your growth.  Otherwise, the key will simply be dead weight on your key ring.

The key is this:

My Women’s Inner Circle

The first step is easy: Simply leave your contact info in the box below, and you’ll be added to my Women’s Inner Circle email list. You’ll receive a series of emails from me, sharing some of my story and how I broke free from the self-limiting beliefs and mental junk that was holding me back. If my story resonates with you,  and you stay connected, eventually, you’ll be invited to join the active Inquiry, Discovery, MasteryTM Women’s Inner Circle.

This is an exclusive member’s only group of bright, talented, determined, high-peforming women in a variety of positions and industries who are committed to betting on and investing in themselves. It’s a unique community focused on growing ourselves in an environment that encourages confident vulnerability, openness, and the willingness to step out of our comfort zones, rediscover our purpose and passion, and design the lives we desire.

If you ask any of the members of the circle if their membership is worth the dedication and price, they all agree that it is.  When you become part of the Women’s Inner Circle, you are welcomed into a community of strong and intelligent women who want to see you succeed!

It was that 'A-HA' moment I needed. Sometimes even really bright, motivated people benefit from an outside voice and an encouraging kick in the pants. Laura will give you both, in a constructive, but very intentional way!

Kara Rogers McKinley Carter Wealth Services

The WIC is a group of ladies who all need the same things. I found I was not alone in my fears, beliefs, what I wanted out of life. I was able to examine what life really means. If you are hesitant about joining this group, let me ask you, "What do you have to lose, but self doubt?" It wont be easy, but I promise, it is rewarding.

Laura Daniel Co-Owner 3D Construction, LLC Parkersburg, WV

The group setting is beneficial because you can learn even when Laura is coaching others in the group. Laura's lessons and facilitation of the group has been dynamic, professional and beneficial.

Rachelle Beckner, CFRE Director of Development for College of Architecture, Art and Humanities Clemson University

If you’re ready to join my general Women’s Inner Circle, leave your name and email below to get free access to the Heart of Who You Are self-discovery tool.  This instrument will help you uncover your core beliefs and values to gain a deeper level of understanding about yourself.

In this tool you will discover:

  • Who are you?
  • What values do you hold?
  • What energizes and motivates you?
  • What are your strengths and weaknesses?
  • What makes you happy?

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About the Author

Laura PriscLaura Prisc has a burning desire to help others grow and she firmly believes the place to start is with self-awareness and intentionality. Through her coaching, teaching, and speaking Laura helps individuals, teams, entrepreneurs, and organizations discover themselves, identify what holds meaning in their lives, and raise the level of their performance.

She is committed to helping others discover their purpose, define their dreams, and create the lives they long for thru reflection, focused thinking, and intentional action.

The author of The “What Matters Most” Manifesto; certified Coach, Teacher, and Speaker thru both the John Maxwell and Deeper Path Teams; Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach and Gallup-Trained Entrepreneurial Strengths Coach, Laura is well equipped to accompany you on your self-discovery journey. Prior to her work in personal development, Laura worked as a professional communicator in a variety of industries for nearly 25 years. She and her family live in West Virginia.